Broccoli Romanesco


GENUS: Brassica SPECIES: oleraceae


Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Fielding
Number of Seeds: 100

Description: A rare New Zealand heritage brassica. This line was sent to us by two different home gardeners (of whom Ruth Perry of Fielding was one) who had it for years but were not able to continue growing out a large enough numbers to keep their lines strong and both lines were weakening. We put these seed lines together and continue the selection work and we have revived this old very special cultivar. These Romanesco broccoli are stunning if well grown, producing a spiral conical whorl, that is a piece of art and often hard to pick. Delicate and tender and eaten as broccoli.

Planting Instructions: Plant in trays in early Spring & early Autumn. Prick out when first two leaves appear at 3 cm diagonal spacing. Transplant when 6 cm high at 30 cm diagonal spacing. Feed well.