Koanga Booklet | Series



Includes the following booklets:

Beginner Gardener Booklet

A comprehensive 50 page booklet giving step by step instructions for establishing a new garden from scratch using a 40m2 Biointensive model. Based on Kay’s life journey in the garden, this simple system teaches beginners and not-so-beginners, how to systematically improve soil and grow nutrient dense vegetables, in an efficient way. Whether you follow this exact model or another of your choice, this booklet will give you the confidence you need to move forward. 

Design Your Own Forest Garden Booklet

Koanga Institute has been researching forest gardens on different scales. This booklet, puts together a simple design process that anyone can follow. It will take you from having the idea of planting some trees to the end result of having a complete forest garden design that will fit your own micro climate, needs, desires, and vision. Contains a step by step process, diagrams from Kay’s own forest garden stages, charts to fill in as you go through the steps, a database for the New Zealand home gardener, and much more. 

Growing Nutrient Dense Food

This booklet is a guide to the patterns and principals of growing high brix food for complete nourishment and optimum health. A few of the main topics covered are the ‘Laws of Nature’ and using a Refractometer to monitor the nutritive value of your plants and gain insight to your soil health.

Save Your Own Seeds Booklet

The basics of everything you need to know to save all your own seeds from based on 25 years experience in this land. Written by Kay Baxter, co-founder of the Koanga Institute.

The Art of Composting Booklet

If you’d really like to learn to turn carbon into humus that is capable of growing nutrient dense food that can be tested using a refractomer then this is the Booklet for you! Kay has been making compost for 40 odd years and came to the conclusion 10 years ago that it was clearly not working. She has dedicated the last 10 years to learning to make compost that does actually grow soil and high quality for and we can all do it easily!

Egg Production in a Regenerative Future

A comprehensive guide to raising poultry for egg production in a regenerative way. Kay shares her journey into raising poultry for eggs without feeding industrial grains, looks at the options for regenerative chicken systems and talks about the best breeds for these systems. Essential reading if you want to raise poultry in the best way possible.


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