Kiwi Superfood Collection


Collection Contains:

  • Kale | Borecole
  • Cabbage | Dalmatian (Aka: Collards)
  • Watermelon | Souters (Aka: Navajo Storage Melon)
  • Lambs Quarters| Magenta Spreen
  • Purslane | Wild Crafted
  • Parsley | Dalmatian
  • Purple Sprouting Broccoli
  • Cape Gooseberries


Kiwi’s do not need to go to the Health Shop and spend money on imported products, to be able to eat ‘super food’. We can all grow ‘superfood’ in our own back yards. There are two critical ingredients:

1.     The right seeds.
2.     The right growing conditions.

The vegetables and fruit you can grow with these seeds all have outstanding nutritional qualities and the details about each are in the Collection for you. We have included both Summer and Winter crops to create a year of fun and discovery and home grown superfood!


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