E-Book | Growing Nutrient Dense Food


This E-Book is a guide to the patterns and principals of growing high brix food for complete nourishment and optimum health. A few of the main topics covered are the ‘Laws of Nature’ and using a Refractometer to monitor the nutritive value of your plants and gain insight to your soil health. 

28 pages. 2nd updated edition. Koanga Institute Booklet written by Kay Baxter. 

You will receive pdf files for this e-book.


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Growing Nutrient Dense Food

Nourishment Home Grown



‘Laws of Nature’ or Patterns a la Beddoe

          Carbon – The Moisture Regulator

          Nature Follows the Line of Least Resistance

          Phosphate Controls Sugar Content

          Getting the Ratios Right

          The Importance of Calcium

          Nitrogen is the Major Electrolyte

          Cultivating Too Deep

          Energy Release

          Magnesium Is the Enemy of Nitrogen

          And Another Pattern

Where To Begin

          1. Refractometer

          2. Aeration

          3. Moisture

          4. Humus

          5. Minerals

                    A) Buying Already Mixed Minerals

                    B) Through the Compost Heap

                              a) Calcium

                              b) Phosphate

                              d) Minor Minerals

                              e) Humanure

          6. Microbes 

          7. Seeds 



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