E-Book | Herbal Health and Healing


NEW FOR 2020!

Herbal Health & Healing

Working with our plant allies for family health

75 pages. Koanga Institute Booklet written by Kay Baxter. 

You will receive a pdf file for this e-book. 
Thank you for saving paper by choosing to buy an e-version of this Koanga Booklet. We appreciate your mindfulness.


Hardcopy Version Available 

The Herbal Health and Healing booklet gives a comprehensive introduction to 32 common herbs around us and how to use them in many ways to make our own medicine for childhood and many other issues.

It includes a symptoms and remedies chart, instructions on how to make infusions, creams, and tinctures, and a garden diary for you to fill in as part of reconnecting with your own local environment. 

The booklet contains beautiful hand drawn pictures by Oliver Ace


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