Combo | Koanga Book – Design Your Own Orchard & Koanga Booklet – Design Your Own Forest Garden



Design Your Own Orchard

Edition:                      3rd Edition.

Bringing Permaculture to the ground in Aotearoa.

An excellent guide to planning, planting and caring for a home orchard, with new chapters on berry fruit, pruning and the stories of the old people and trees.

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Design Your Own Forest Garden

E-Booklet available of original edition

Our booklet “Design Your Own Forest Garden” – by Kay Baxter, puts together a simple design process that anyone can follow. The booklet will take you from having the idea of planting some trees to the end result of having a complete forest garden design that will fit your own micro climate, needs, desires, and vision. The booklet contains a step by step process, diagrams from Kay’s own forest garden stages, charts to fill in as you go through the steps, a database for the New Zealand home gardener, and much more.

This revised addition includes new and altered content based on our learning with designing, implementing and managing forest gardens over the past 10 years. The major changes and additions include a subtropical section together with subtropical databases and separate Temperate and Mediterranean data bases including the fruiting trees, legumes and mineral accumulators charts.

We encourage you to start the adventure!



Definition of a Forest Garden
Keys to Designing a Forest Garden
Follow the Steps to Design Your Own Forest Garden
Rootstock Choices & Canopy Sizes
Fruiting Times
Chart 1 – Canopy Calculation Sheet
Chart 2 – Tree Choices
Nutrient Budgeting
Chart 3 – Legume Support Species
Chart 4 – Mineral Accumulators
From Grass to Forest Garden
     Weston A. Price
     How to Plant a Fruit Tree
Heritage Trees


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