Bergamot Bee Balm


GENUS:  Monarda SPECIES: Didyma


Heritage Status: Overseas
Number of Seeds: 50

Description: HERB-medicinal. Pink and Purple flowers in large heads at the top of the stem, supported by leafy branches, the leaflets of which are of a pale-green colour tinged with red. Its square, grooved and hard stem rise about 2 feet high, and the leaves which it bears in pairs are rather rough on both surfaces. The whole plant is strongly impregnated with a delightful fragrance; even after the darkly-coloured leaves have died away, the surface rootlets give off the pleasant smell by which the plant has earned its common name ‘Bergamot,’ it being reminiscent of the aroma of the Bergamot Orange. It is known in America as ‘Oswego Tea,’ because an infusion of its young leaves used to form a common beverage in many parts of the United States.

Planting Instructions: Plant seed into trays in Spring, when first two leaves appear, prick out at 2.5 cm diagonal spacing and transplant into garden at 30 cm diagonal spacing when ground temperature reaches 15 degrees C.

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