Barley Wase Shu



GENUS: Hordeum

SPECIES: vulgare



Heritage Status: Overseas

Bio-Region of Origin: Korea
Number of Seeds: 120 enough to plant 1 sq m of biointensive bed at 10cm spacings

Description: This barley is an ancient hulless type that came to us from the KUSA collection in the USA that produces well for us. It’s a fawn/tan colour, and makes delicious sprouted barley cakes. Save your seed this year and grow enough to eat next!

All grains contain phytic acids and other anti nutrients and were traditionally always either fermented, sprouted or soaked and cooked for a long slow period to make the grains digestible and nutritious for the human digestive system. Please consider doing the same. If you want to know more a must buy book is Change of Heart – Kay’s Recipe Book!

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