E-Book | 200m2 Urban Garden Booklet


Our aim is to inspire and empower urban dwellers by setting up models of urban gardens designed to produce the actual nutrition required by a family. This is our first model. The Design is included on the colour insert, and if you go to our Urban Garden Blog, you can follow our progress and ask questions. You can also come to an Open Days and see the garden. The Urban Design workshop will be taught in the garden. We regard this design as Stage 1. For more information on this project see our Urban Garden Page.

You will receive pdf files for this e-book.



Hardcopy available



1. The Brief

2. Key Design Elements

3. Strategies & Techniques

Post Note

4. Koanga Urban Chicken 101

          Laying Hen Management

5. Koanga Urban Rabbit 101

          Rabbit Cage Design

          Breeding Stock

          Rabbit Tractor

          Rabbit Management

          Rabbit in the Kitchen

          Rabbit Stew Recipe

6. Biochar in the Urban Garden



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