Watermelon Souters


GENUS: Citrullus SPECIES: lanatus

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Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: East Cape/Whakatane
Number of Seeds:  10

Description: A really special New Zealand Heritage melon that was gifted to the Koanga Collection by Michael Lawn of Havelock North who said it had come originally from a Maori family near Taneatua out of Whakatane. We believe it may have originally come from the Souters family who were well known gardeners around the Tokomaru Bay area East Cape. It is round with light green skin that goes lighter when ripe with a light red flesh, and very black seeds. They have excellent flavour however are at their best when picked and stored for up to 3 months. Traditionally it was harvested and stored in pits dug in the ground until prices and flavour went up. I have never seen a melon like this one in any overseas catalogue, it is very rare and very special! You will have fun with this one!

Planting Instructions: Sow seeds into trays in September under glass or into trays at 6 cm spacing. Prick out at 5cm diagonal spacings and transplant into rich free draining soil when ground warms (under cloches if necessary). Transplant when plants have 2-4 true leaves at 50 cm diagonal spacing.