Tomato Guernsey Island


GENUS: Lycopersicon SPECIES: lycopersicum


Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Auckland
Number of Seeds: 15

Description: Indeterminate. A New Zealand heirloom tomato originally from the Guernsey Islands, and was apparently grown commercially there and sold all over the British Isles. It was known all over Britain as the Guernsey Tomato. Medium sized round fruit, top flavour, streaky red and green when ripe. Excellent disease resistance. This is not a slicing tomato, it is best served cut in 1/4’s in salads, because it’s quite a watery tomato, but with outstanding flavour. Heavy cropper and another one that contains high levels of nutritional qualities.

Planting Instructions: Plant into trays late September and prick out when first leaves appear at 3 cm diagonal spacing. Handle touching the leaves only. When leaves touch, transplant into 10 cm deep pots or trays to 10 cm diagonal spacing. When 10-15 cm high transplant into garden 50 cm spacings in rows. Two rows per 1m wide bed. Needs staking.