Tomato Burpees Long Keeper


GENUS: Lycopersicon SPECIES: lycopersicum

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Heritage Status: Overseas

Bio-Region of Origin: Kōanga since 2000

Number of Seeds: 15

Description:Indeterminate. This tomato was developed by the famous Atlee Burpee seed company before the days of refrigeration for its ability to ripen slowly after picking over a period of many months. The tomato never really goes bright red on the vine, you will get to know when to pick it for best results. If you have a cellar and live without power this tomato is a must! It is medium large round tomato with good taste and disease resistance. We love it!

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Planting Instructions: Plant into trays late September and prick out when first leaves appear at 3cm diagonal spacing. Handle touching the leaves only. When leaves touch, transplant into 10cm deep pots or trays to 10cm diagonal spacing. When 10-15cm high transplant into garden 50cm spacings in rows. Two rows per 1m wide bed. Needs staking.