Sorghum White Seeded Popping


GENUS: Sorghum SPECIES: bicolour

Maximum of 5 per person


Heritage Status: Overseas
Bio-Region of Origin: Mexico; Hawkes Bay
Number of Seeds: 40 enough to plant 5 sq m at .4 diagonal spacings

Description: From the Tarahumara Indians of Northern Mexico’s Batopilas Canyon area. Sorghum that has sugar cane type stems for eating or juicing and also excellent large white seeds that are easily threshed and cleaned, and that pop just like pop corn. Like the other cultivars it grows to over 2m tall. Sorghum needs hot summers to do well, having evolved in Africa.

Planting Instructions: Plant into seed trays. Transplant into garden when 5-10 cm high and soil temperature reaches 15 degrees C at 40 cm diagonal spacing.