Sorghum Mennonite


GENUS: Sorghum SPECIES: bicolour

Maximum of 5 per person


Heritage Status: Overseas
Bio-Region of Origin: USA, Hawkes Bay
Number of Seeds: 40 enough to plant 5 sq m at .4 diagonal spacings

Description: A syrup variety from the Mennonite community in the USA which is also a great grain variety. We have pressed the syrup from our own stalks and boiled it down to a thick syrup and it’s very special. 2 sq m of raised bed produced 1 litre of thick syrup. It grows in similar fashion to corn with beautiful seed heads. Stems are like sugarcane to suck on fresh, actually they are a lot easier to suck and chew than sugar cane. The large seeds are also edible as a grain crop and they taste a lot like lentils. These seeds also pop well for use as a breakfast cereal. They can be cleaned easily by rubbing over a sieve or pounding or dancing on the seeds. The plants grow tall, over 2m- so it s quite hard to keep the birds of the seed heads however, we tie covers over each individual seed head.

Planting Instructions: Plant into seed trays. Transplant into garden at 40 cm diagonal spacing when 5-10 cm high and soil temperature reaches 15 degrees C.