Rockmelon Jenny Lind


GENUS: Cucumis SPECIES: melo



Heritage Status: Overseas
Bio-Region of Origin: Hawkes Bay
Number of Seeds: 10

Description: We have been trialing heritage rock melons from around the world over the past few years and Jenny Lind has been one of the best performers. It is a very sweet and juicy, small to medium round, netted, green fleshed melon, with a distinctive knob on the blossom end. It is an heirloom melon from Philadelphia before 1840, named after a singer of that era!

Planting Instructions: Sow seeds into trays and prick out at 10 cm diagonal spacing or plant into 10 cm pots. Transplant into rich free draining soil (under cloches if necessary). Transplant when plants have 2-4 true leaves at 50 cm diagonal spacing.