Squash Zimbabwe



GENUS: Cucurbita SPECIES: pepo


Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Kōanga collection since 1987
Number of Seeds: 10

Description: Very similar to Zambesi Gem, but obviously originally from Zimbabwe. These small (large orange size) round pumpkins came with our ancestors on the early ships, and were picked up in South Africa on the way around the cape! They are sweet, but moist and nutty, and well worth trying. Zimbabwe squash skins stay green when mature. In Zimbabwe they are traditionally eaten as courgettes before they mature and get hard skins as well as in its mature stage. Good for urban gardens up fences or trellises.

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Planting Instructions: Sow seed into tray after danger of frost. Prick out at 6cm diagonal spacings when first leaves appear. Transplant into garden at 1m diagonal spacings once leaves touch in the tray and soil temp reaches 15-16 degrees C.