Onion California Red


GENUS: Allium SPECIES: cepa


Heritage Status: Overseas
Bio-Region of Origin: Amuri: Inland Canterbury
Number of Seeds: 200

Description: This strain of the classic sweet salad onion California Red has been selected by seed grower Richard Watson for it’s ability to remain growing in very cold winters (Amuri) which gives large high quality onions at harvest time, in cold climates. It grows very well in warmer areas too. Ours have also been selected to keep well once harvested, and they are currently keeping well to use as fresh salad onions until late June.

Planting Instructions: Plant seed Feb to July into seed trays. The earlier you plant, the bigger the onions will be at harvest. Transplant into ground at 10 cm diagonal spacing when tops are 8-10 cm high. Harvest Jan-Feb. Dry and store.