Bean Climbing Henry’s Climbing Butter (AKA Yellow Pole)


Availability: 2 per person

GENUS: Phaseolus SPECIES: vulgaris


Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Southland: Tuakau
Number of Seeds: 20

Description: Climber, green snap bean. From the Henry Harrington collection in southland, this is one of our surprise finds from the bean trials we’ve done over the past few years. It has been a consistent winner, in terms of looks, taste, size of crop and length of harvest! It is a yellow, wide, flat podded bean, about 30cm long with excellent flavour! We have received this bean from many sources all over the country and some people call it the climbing butterbean. Highly recommended. Also gifted by Hilary Butler of Tuakaua who said it was an early Yates seed line.

Planting Instructions: Scatter sow seeds into trays and transplant when first 2 leaves appear at 8cm apart under trellis. This avoids problems with birds, slugs, snails, and rotting in cold ground.