Pumpkin Austrian Hulless




Heritage Status: Overseas
Bio-Region of Origin: Austria/Matakana /Northland
Number of Seeds: 10

Description: These seeds came to New Zealand with our dear friend Joe, from his Austrian village where they traditionally were pressed to make oil. They are larger and better tasting than all other varieties we have tried, mature in short growing season areas, and if you have a longer season they just keep on producing. They must be picked when the pumpkins get yellow stripes, and left for a few weeks before removing seed. If you leave ripe fruit on the vine and it rains the seeds often sprout inside and become useless; when you pick and store, then harvest the seeds, the seed will be far better quality.

Planting Instructions: Place direct into trays at 5 cm diagonal spacing and just cover with seed raising mix. Transplant when ground warms and no danger of frost to 50 cm diagonal spacing. Needs rich soil to do well. Seeds have no hulls they will rot easily if seed raising mix is too heavy or wet. Harvest pumpkins when yellow streaks appear. Sit for two weeks. Remove seed and soak overnight, then clean and dry.