Kamokamo Ruatoria




Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Ruatoria/Ngati Porou
Number of Seeds: 10

Description: Gifted to us by Bill Blane who received it from his Koro (Koro Victor Richard Rangitukia), in Ruatoria, they are a mix of all his favourites, long ones and round ones. They are delicious eaten young as courgettes along with the male flowers and vine tips – or later when baked or in the hangi. Vigorous plants, prolific producers, beware of modern hybrid varieties. Hybrid vegetable seeds contain enzyme blockers that prevent the vegetables from picking up certain essential minerals from the soil hence they are not in food grown from hybrid seed.

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Planting Instructions: Sow seed into tray after danger of frost. Prick out at 6 cm diagonal spacings when first leaves appear. Transplant into garden at 50 cm diagonal spacings once soil temp reaches 15-16 degrees C.