Millet Proso (aka: Bread, Common, Broom Corn)


GENUS: Panicum SPECIES: miliaceum


Heritage Status: Overseas
Bio-Region of Origin: Japan, Hawkes Bay
Number of Seeds: 500 enough to plant 5 sq m at .1 diagonal spacings

Description: An ancient and nutritious cereal, very rare glutinous trait millet. Very quick maturing, and very attractive to wildlife however is a very short growing cultivar so it’s easy to cover. This millet produces a mass of tan coloured quite large (for millet) seeds that are relatively easy to thresh and hull, easier than Barnyard millet. It grows only 30-100 cm high and has very hairy stems with loose panicles that are very beautiful.

Planting Instructions: Scatter sow into trays early October. Transplant into beds when 5-8 cm high at 10 cm diagonal spacing. Harvest when seed begins falling and mature in green house before harvesting and winnowing. BE onto it with bird protection, millet is irresistible to birds!