Lettuce Miners



GENUS: Claytonia SPECIES: parvifolia


Heritage Status: New Zealand

Bio-Region of Origin: Kōanga since 1993

Number of Seeds: 100

Description: This salad green has become a must-have staple for winter salads. If you leave it to self-seed, you’ll have it forever. A small plant with fleshy fresh tasting small leaf that we usually pick by leaf with scissors and add to salads and mesclun mixes. It grows wild in many parts of New Zealand and clearly arrived here with many of our ancestors.

Planting Instructions: Sprinkle evenly over a strip of seed raising mix. Do not cover. Water gently, prick out at 2.5cm diagonal spacings when first two leaves appear. Transplant into garden 3-4 weeks later at 15cm diagonal spacings. Self seeds very abundantly.