Celery Nutty


GENUS: Apium SPECIES: graveolens


Heritage Status: Early Commercial Seed
Bio-Region of Origin: Auckland: Hawkes Bay
Number of Seeds: 200

Description: From an early commercial line that was abandoned because it didn’t suit agribusiness systems. A favourite of ours for 30 years. It is excellent for harvesting 1 stalk at a time all winter and spring. The stalks are crunchy, juicy and have a nutty taste and it’s so easy to grow we have selected it for strong growth over winter in a cold climate. Celery needs lots of water and high nutrient levels.

Planting Instructions: Plant in November – early March in a seed tray and cover with 1 mm of seed raising mix. Prick out when second leaves appear to 2.5 cm diagonal spacing. Transplant when 8 cm high.