Wild Fermentation Collection


This collection of vegetables is designed to inspire you to preserve your excess from the garden with the technique of lactic fermentation.


We’ve been learning about how much the health of our bodies is dependent on having healthy ‘gut’ flora. A healthy population of gut flora can be increased by including naturally fermented, un-pasteurised foods into your diet. We fill our cupboards each year with lactic pickles and eat them with every meal, our bodies have begun to crave them now, and you will soon crave and love them too.

All great for lactic fermentation

Collection Contains:

  • Red Rock Mammoth Cabbage
  • Radish Tokinashi Daikon
  • Deka Cucumber
  • Tomato Watermouth
  • Carrot Yellow Austrian Llobericher
  • Turnip Ohno Scarlet
  • Henry’s Chinese Cabbage

Also contains description sheet and recipe sheet for making lactic ferments

We endeavour to provide the exact list of seeds detailed above but occasionally have to substitute due to availability.