Spinach Bloomsdale


Spinaceae SPECIES: oleraceae


Heritage Status: Overseas
Bio-Region of Origin: Hawkes Bay
Number of Seeds: 100

Description: Introduced to American gardeners way back in 1826 this heirloom variety has thick, savoy (crinkled) bright green leaves that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins on a compact plant. It maintains a neat rosette of leaves for some time as it is resistant to bolting.

Planting Instructions: Plant into trays early Autumn, and early Spring. Prick out at 2.5 cm diagonal spacings. Transplant when 6 cm high to 25 cm diagonal spacings. Spinach appreciates being sown after peas or beans for the most delicately flavoured leaves. Partial shade in hot weather can extend the harvest period by discouraging it from bolting.