Rye Milmore Downs



GENUS: Secale SPECIES: cereale


Heritage Status: New Zealand

Bio-Region of Origin: Canterbury

Number of Seeds: 1200 enough to plant 10sqm easily at 10cm diagonal spacings.

Description: A traditional rye that has been grown at Milmore Downs organically for many years, as a grain rye that suits this land. Rye doesn’t need hulling so is a great grain to grow on a small scale. Rye shoots are a stunning red colour when they appear, unlike the bright green of wheat!!! This cultivar, actually bred at Milmore Downs grows very tall with wonderful bluey coloured stems and heads. Rye can also be grown on the same soil for many years without damaging the soil unlike other grains. All grains contain phytic acids and other anti nutrients and were traditionally always either fermented, sprouted or soaked and cooked for a long slow period to make the grains digestible and nutritious for the human digestive system. Please consider doing the same. If you want to know more, a must buy book is Change of Heart – Kay’s Recipe Book!

Planting Instructions: Scatter sow seeds into trays and transplant when 5-8cm high and soil temperature has reached 15-16 degrees C at 30cm diagonal spacing.