Millet Barnyard


GENUS: Panicum SPECIES: milieaceum


Heritage Status: Overseas
Bio-Region of Origin: Japan, Hawkes Bay
Number of Seeds: 500 enough to plant 5 sq m at .1 diagonal spacings

Description: From the KUSA Ancient Grains Collection This is an easy to grow grain, as long as you have a system for keeping the birds off it. Barnyard millet is a traditional Japanese cultivar, and millet was once the main grain eaten in Japan. Barnyard millet is a tall variety growing to over two metres when in seed, and is a super high producer of grain seed and carbon.

Planting Instructions: Sowing: Scatter sow into trays early October. Transplant into beds when 5-8 cm high at 10 cm diagonal spacing. Harvest when seed begins falling and mature in green house before threshing and winnowing. Or as carbon crop: Scatter sow seed over 5m² early October. Rake in, cover with bird netting until 5cm high. Remove netting.