Kale Borecole


GENUS: Brassica SPECIES: oleracea


Heritage Status: New Zealand

Bio-Region of Origin: Auckland

Number of Seeds: 100

Description: This kale is a well known classic variety that was common in New Zealand before the more modern American cultivars. Very ornamental with strong sweet tasting, dark green healthy open leaves and very curly edges. The plants are compact. It tastes best after the frost has been on the leaves but, as a Dutch woman told us once at the Mangwhai Market, you can always pick the kale and put it in the freezer overnight then cook it to get the best flavour!

Planting Instructions: Plant into trays late Summer/Autumn or early Spring. Prick out when first 2 leaves appear at 2.5cm diagonal spacing and transplant when 8cm high at 40cm diagonal spacing. Alternatively broadcast (direct sow) to harvest young leaves for mesclun salads.