Mustard Greens Ruruhau


GENUS: Brassica SPECIES: juncea


Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Northland
Number of Seeds: 150

Description: A fast growing mustard-flavoured green for Spring/Autumn. Old vegetable of the North, found growing wild all over the north and also found wild around the coast of the whole of New Zealand. Variations of this can be found growing along the banks of the Whanganui River and many other rivers. It is also reputed to be growing wild all around the coastlines of the entire world and we believe it is a vegetable that may have travelled with all of the very early migrations and world travellers back thousands of years. Being a brassica, and so widely spread, it is in serious danger of becoming contaminated with GE material. This is a very easy to grow green, which self seeds readily and is thought of by many as a very coarse vegetable. It is actually sought after for the mustard flavour imparted to casseroles boil ups and stews; it makes a great addition to a winter salad if the leaves are picked when small. These open hearted type cabbages contain far more nutrition than more modern tight hearted cultivars.

Planting Instructions: Best planted into trays in Spring and early Autumn. Pricked out to 3cm diagonal spacing and transplanted when leaves touch to 25cm.