Carrot Kuroda


GENUS: Daucus SPECIES: carota


Heritage Status: Overseas
Number of Seeds: 400

Description: 75-80 days. Originally developed in Asia in the 1950s, Kuroda is widely adaptable, suitable for growth almost everywhere. A refined Chantenay strain, this stubby, thick-shouldered favorite yields smooth, uniform tapered roots best harvested at 13cm long and 5cm diameter. Thriving in even the poorest of soils, this light to deep orange Asian carrot is ideal for summer sowing with prolonged harvest through autumn (and winter in more temperate zones). It’s an awesome juicer.

Planting Instructions: Direct scatter sow over a 1x1m strip, when conditions are warm and moist. Lightly cover with soil, scatter Quash slug bait, then cover with an old sheet or 70% shade cloth while germinating. Remove cloth as soon as 70% of seeds show first two leaves, watch carefully for slugs and snail damage.