Potato | Roke roke


Genus & Species: Solanum tuberosum

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Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Unknown
Quantity: 500 grams

Description: A very round and large potato, with no inset eyes. It has white flesh and a bright purple skin, is an early potato and is an excellent one for baking in the jacket (it comes out nice and fluffy). Or, if you have to have a potato for mashing and you only grow old potatoes like us, then this one can be peeled, or cooked with the skin on when new, and it mashes really well. It is not good for boiling, chipping, sautéing, etc., because it falls apart. It has been sent to us from all around New Zealand, with various names and it’s clear it used to be very common. Other names include “Maori” and “Waikato”

Planting Instructions: You will find detailed planting information here