Garlic Rocombole Early White


Family: ALLIACEA (Amaryllidaceae)(Amaryllidaceae)
Genus & Species: Allium sativum

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Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Southland
Quantity: Approximately 80 grams

Description: A Rocombole garlic from the Henry Harrington Collection, that came to Henry from Gerald de Koning. It has a hard flowering central stem, with pearly white skin surrounding pearly white cloves. The bulb is a very unusual flattish shape . All Rocomboles have one circle of large cloves around the central stem, so they are very easy to use in the kitchen. The flower spikes are edible and this garlic can be harvested early before all main crop cultivars…This a strong flavoured garlic.

Planting Instructions: Garlic does best in light soils with good drainage and needs a sunny position. Enrich soil with well rotted manure, compost, lime and Nature’s Garden prior to planting. Plant on 10 to 12.5 cm diagonal spacings from April to May. Mulch after planting to help keep free of weeds.

More planting information here