Comfrey Russian


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Family: Boraginaceae

Genus & Species: Symphytum uplandicum

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Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Unknown
Quantity: 250gm

Restricted to 5 max per customer

Description: A perennial herb for herbal leys, kikuyu barriers, liquid teas and feeding animals.  An essential part of any garden and orchard/forest garden, an important mineral accumulator. Does not spread from seed but will spread easily if the roots are broken up.  Every small piece of root grows so plant where you will never need to dig!

Much loved by poultry and can be difficult to establish in orchards where geese graze!

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Planting Instructions:  The order will contain a mix of rooted / sprouted and unrooted / unsprouted pieces.  For best results place unrooted / unsprouted pieces in compost in a warm place and keep well watered.  Plant out once they have sprouted and increased in size.  Rooted/ sprouted pieces can be planted straight out.  Plant in spring approx 50cm apart (closer for barrier planting).