Chinese Water Chestnuts


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Family: Cyperaceae
Genus & Species: Eleocharis dulcis

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Heritage Status: Overseas
Bio-Region of Origin: Unknown
Quantity: 5 corms

Description: Complete growing instructions will come with these chestnuts. They will need a barrel or plastic lined pool which will hold up to 10cm of water. Each plant will produce up to 50 chestnuts. They are delicious eaten raw or cooked with a taste a bit like fresh coconut!

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Planting Instructions: Chinese water chestnuts need to be completely submerged with a controlled level of water for most of the life of the crop (similar to paddy rice) and it must be possible to drain the water for harvesting. Botanically the Chinese water chestnut is a type of spike reed. The plant is rush like with upright tubular stems one to one and a half metres tall. It produces numerous corms which resemble gladioli.The crop needs 210 frost free days for development. It is usually planted in spring and harvested in winter. It can be stored in the soil when winters are mild or kept at 4oc for up to six months in cool storage. Slightly acid to neutral soils (pH 5.9 – 7.3) are preferred. Fertilise well with cow manure. We prepare our planters with a layer of manure mixed with old potting mix at the bottom and then soil or new potting mix on top to create a depth of at approximately 40cm. They prefer growing in full sun. Upon receipt plant the water chestnuts in a seed tray in potting mix and keep well watered until they sprout. Corms or transplants 20cm high are planted in a barrel, trough, old bathtub or plastic lined pool 10cm deep in soil and spaced at 75 cm apart. If the corms are planted before they have sprouted the soil is periodically flooded and drained until the plants are 20cm high. At this stage a water level of 10cm is maintained until 30 days before harvesting when the barrel is drained. Reports indicate that the crop has a good tolerance of slightly saline water. It is helpful if the container has a tap for easy draining of the water. A well grown corm will be 30 – 45 mm in diameter and plants can yield between 2 and 5 kg each. After harvesting store wet in the fridge or store in cold water removing them to air dry about 1 – 2 weeks before use.