Online Workshops

New Zealand's first on-line platform for Regenerative Education

Our mission is to restore the health of our people, our communities and the health of our planet.
We are here to inspire and support you all to be the change you wish to see in the world.

In collaboration with the Koanga Institute we are producing comprehensive online courses around regenerative gardening, animal husbandry, health and nutrition

Koanga Gardening Online Masterclass

An opportunity to invest in your education, the health of your whanau and the future of the planet. Includes 5 different courses, and ongoing Garden Management Videos sent to our students at the beginning of every month to support them on their journeys.

Growing Nutrient Dense Food

An inspirational on-line workshop that gives you a step-by-step guide to enable you to grow nutrient dense food, restoring the health of your family and of the earth. 

Regenerative Garden Planning

An on-line workshop teaching a step-by-step planning process to achieve the highest production in the smallest area, in the most efficient way whilst building soil and plant health.

Growing Great Seedlings

An in-depth on-line course on how to grow high-quality seedlings

Growing Great Compost

An on-line workshop showing you how to make compost that is capable of growing Nutrient-Dense food in the most efficient way.

Bed Preparation and Planting

An in-depth course on the Koanga best practice Bed Preparation and Planting. An essential part of the Koanga Gardening Masterclass Series and integrates much of what’s been learned in other courses such as “Garden Planning” “Growing Great Seedlings” and “Growing Great Seedlings”.  

Building a Passive Solar Cloche

An on-line workshop detailing how this Passive Solar Cloche was designed and built using appropriate technology and earth building techniques. Includes full design and instructions.