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Taiamai decided to take a leap and cross his Sicilian Buttercups with  our Golden Campines, to see how the usual changes with hybrids panned out.

They have been amazing this season, apart from being stunningly beautiful they are very vigorous and early layers  which is what hybrids usually offer. They may not be totally a stable cross yet, I’m sure they will keep evolving and changing for a few generations, but we have crossed possibly the two most efficient egg producers in the country when eating non industrial chicken food, and the result was earlier laying  and they lay a bigger egg as did the Sicilian Buttercups as well as being the size of the Buttercups (larger bodies more meat as a table bird) .

We are hatching hundreds of babies and this Summer/ Autumn we will have available  Golden Campine  trios (2 pullets 1 rooster)  and roosters as well as Sicilian Buttercup x Golden Campine trios and roosters. Possibly the only chickens you can buy that have been bred to be top egg layers in forest gardens and situations without industrial food.