Trichoflow Wettable Powder


200 grams.

Enough to do 10 trees twice.

This is a product that encourages tree health to specifically guard against Silverleaf in the future.


Description: Trichoflow is a wettable powder bio-fungicide registered for a range of root diseases and designed for easy application through any irrigation method from watering cans, fertigation and drippers to boom spray and flood jet. It is formulated with seaweeds and humates to improve the soil biology, and supports the colonisation of the Trichoderma around the roots. It is designed to be drenched into rootzones.

Directions for use: Add 10 grams of Trichoflow per 1 litre of water, and soak the root zone of each tree as it is planted, with Trichopel under the roots. Repeat again 3 weeks later and ensure your tree is mulched. 1 litre of solution per tree twice.