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Lupinus polyphyllus

Nitrogen fixing support species

Suitable for urban forest gardens

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Colour mixed. Nitrogen fixing plant species, grows to 1.5m, suited to temperate climate such as North Canterbury New Zealand, requires free draining poor soils, makes a stunning display and excellent in forest garden for chop and drop material and self seeding nitrogen fixer.

Forest Gardens are orchards designed in such a way so the needs of the heavy bearing heavy feeding fruit trees are taken care of in the design.

We do this by:

  • Ensuring no more than 60% of the canopy space is taken up by heavy feeders. We prefer 40%.
  • For every square metre of heavy feeder canopy there is 0.8 of a square metre of nitrogen fixer.
  • For every square metre of heavy feeder there is 1 comfrey plant.
  • You have all seven (7) layers of the forest garden present.
  • You have as wide a range of mineral accumulators present.

For more details about this see the Koanga Design Your Own Forest Garden Booklet