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Peach | Blood Peach | Seedling


We now offer more and more cultivars as seedlings. We are doing this because we believe them to be a superior way to grow our genetically stable heritage varieties.  Modern peaches do not grow true in the same way, and so we trial all cultivars before offering them to you.  The trees are stronger and more disease resistant, but grow in size to be somewhere in between the smaller Marianna rootstock and the larger peach rootstock. We tip the central leaders in the nursery to produce a low branched tree most suitable for home gardeners.

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Renamed from Blackboy peach to Blood peach. These peaches are very widespread around New Zealand and it is likely that they were brought here by early French settlers.

A medium sized peach with dark thick skin and deep red/white streaky flesh. Sweet and juicy with lots of flavour and excellent eaten fresh or preserved. Prolific bearer and very disease resistant.

Our strain of this peach came from an old tree in Kaiwaka.

Ripe late February / early March