Laburnum anagyroides


Number of Seeds: 20

Description: Goumi are very special support trees in the forest garden. The leaves produce excellent compost and litter for growing anything (that is why the early gum diggers brought this plant to NZ) . The flowers have a beautiful scent in early Spring and the chickens eat the dropping flower petals. They have huge crops of berries over Jan/Feb, rivalling karamu but better on the dry spots. They can be chopped and dropped or coppiced, but if they are cut back hard will not produce berries. The berries are small and orange coloured when ripe. They are nitrogen fixers.

Planting Instructions: Harvest the berries when ripe and place in a zip top bag in the fridge until Spring. Plant 3mm deep in a seed tray and prick out when they germinate . They grow relatively fast.