Feijoa | Triumph or Mammoth


Acca sellowiana

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We have a limited number of feijoa trees that are either the Triumph or Mammoth variety.


This popular variety is known for its large fruit and abundant autumn harvests. The smooth green skin, dotted with red, conceals a medium-sized fruit with a sweet aromatic flavor and slightly gritty texture. Mammoth is a coastal and wind-hardy cultivar, making it an excellent choice for hedges and screens. It pairs well with the Tony Firman for optimal pollination.


This medium-sized feijoa features a rough skin and rounded shape. Enjoy its mildly aromatic flavor, slightly gritty yet soft and juicy pulp. As winter arrives, relish the harvest of these exquisite fruits. Adding to its allure, the Feijoa Triumph showcases beautiful red flowers from late spring to mid-summer. This top-flavored heritage cultivar is a perfect pollinator for the Tony Firman. Embrace the joy of growing your own Feijoa Triumph and experience nature’s flavorful gift.

These trees are strong plants, 40cm high bare rooted and well wrapped. They will require planting when they arrive because they are not deciduous trees.