Children’s Gift ideas

Seeds  A gift of seeds to encourage a love of gardening and growing is a fantastic gift for a child. Any seeds can be appropriate depending on the child but Sunflowers are a favourite, Beans can be great, Tomatoes (particularly cherry types that are great for small people), or Flowers  (maybe edible flowers such as nasturtiums that children love to pick to add to salads). 

Children's Garden Collection If you have more to spend we have a collection of seeds selected to appeal particularly to children which includes many popular varieties plus instructions on building a living hut. Details on all of our seed collections can be found here

Fruit Trees A fruit tree can be an amazing gift for a child, one that grows with them and keeps giving year after year. We have an extensive collection of Heritage Fruit Trees which are available through our Tree Nursery each winter. A fantastic gift for a winter birthday or the Winter Solstice  or buy a gift voucher to be used for a tree when they become available. Check out our most recent catalogue  for inspiration. Trees for sale next winter will be available from around February.