Weight: approx. 500 grams, enough to plant 200sq metres.

Description: We love to grow alfalfa in beds specifically for harvesting over the Summer to use as mulch or in compost. It is a dynamic mineral accumulator, bringing potash phosphate and calcium in particular to the places we use it. It can be fed to cows or sheep in molasses etc. and then it grows through the existing pasture if you allow long grass grazing. It is a great mulch because of the high carbon content it lasts a long time before breaking down. It comes up early in Spring and dies back later in Autumn than comfrey and is also great chicken food. The Lucerne plant is resilient because it has a large tap root that can reach deep into the soil, accessing both nutrients and water. With its Nitrogen fixing nodules on main tap and lateral roots, Lucerne is known for its ability to render Nitrogen to soil. Lucerne thrives best on a deep permeable soil, so it is not normally the first choice for compacted soils. Perennial Lucerne varieties go dormant over winter and generally survive well unless heaving, waterlogging or icing occur. Alfalfa/Lucerne, is high in crude protein and it is grown for grazing and hay forage across temperate areas of the world.

Planting Instructions: Plant early Spring or early Autumn. Cover with 70% shade cloth until well up then remove cover. Transplant brassicas (if that is your plan) into the bed after alfalfa seeds are up and growing. You could use alfalfa as a Spring planted ground cover for corn. Plant alfalfa first. Plant in early Autumn to roll off beds for early Spring plantings e.g. garlic.