Assisted Memberships

We have launched a new initiative to try to support people who may be unable to afford a membership at this time to become members of Koanga. The initiative will enable people who are financially advantaged to be able to purchase an assisted membership for someone else. 

This is our way of encouraging and supporting people to trust that there is value in gifting something of value to others and that we will in return be gifted what ever it is we need when we need it … often called ‘paying it forward’ or ‘gift economy’..

Assisted memberships will be used to support young families as the top priority and then teenagers and young people who are searching for something meaningful to help create a better future. Anyone gifting an assisted membership will have the empowering feeling and knowledge that their actions are contributing to the creation of a healthy future for themselves and others. 

Apply for an Assisted Membership here

If you feel able to provide an assisted membership then details can be found here