Turnip White Ball


GENUS: Brassica SPECIES: rapa

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Heritage Status: NZ
Bio-Region of Origin: Akaroa
Number of Seeds: 100

Description: This turnip came into the Koanga Collection from Henry Harrington’s collection. It is one of the few precious seed lines that he still has from his grandparents gardens on Banks Peninsula. They were settlers in the early French settlement at Takamatua, the de Malmanche family. The young turnips are absolutely delicious raw when young, and also great when older, the tops make excellent greens cooked as well. We plant thickly then eat the greens as we thin them out. They grow fast.

Planting Information: Sow into seed trays and prick out at 2.5 cm spacing when first leaves appear. Transplant when 6-8 cm high at 10 cm diagonal spacing.