Rockmelon Charantais


GENUS: Cucumis SPECIES: melo


Heritage Status: Overseas
Number of Seeds: 10

Description:  This superb heirloom French melon is considered by many to be the most divine and flavourful melons in the world. Almost round melons which turn from green skinned to yellow when ripe with a net over the skin. The flesh is very sweet juicy and aromatic with many melons weighing over a kilo. They are ripe when the stem that is attached to the melon begins to part (slip) but you can also tell by their colour change and wonderful smell if you watch carefully.

Planting Instructions: Sow seeds into pots in September under glass or into trays at 6 cm spacing. Transplant into rich free draining soil when ground warms (under cloches if necessary). Transplant when plants have 2-4 true leaves at 50 cm diagonal spacing.