Onion Pukekohe Long Keeper (pre 1966)



GENUS: Allium SPECIES: cepa


Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Pukekohe
Number of Seeds: 200

Description: Years ago the Kōanga Institute was given old tins of seed from an original Pukekohe Long Keeper breeding line containing a far wider genetic base than commercially available PKLK onions do today, making them excellent for home gardeners and today’s changing climatic conditions. The best keeping onions ever! We have harvested 27kg per sqm of garden bed by planting them at 10cm diagonal spacings in excellent soil conditions and feeding them well.

Planting Instructions: Plant seed Feb to July into seed trays. The earlier you plant, the bigger the onions will be at harvest. Transplant into ground at 10 cm diagonal spacing when tops are 8-10 cm high. Harvest Jan-Feb. Dry and store.