Pepper Hot Cayenne Rainbow


GENUS: Capsicum SPECIES: annum


Heritage Status: Overseas

Bio-Region of Origin: Northland

Number of Seeds: 30

Description: Peppers are generally perennial in warm climates though in temperate climates we grow them as annuals. This one grows to 60cm. A collection of Red, purple,green and yellow cayenne peppers from 5-10cm in length, tapering to a point. A thin walled medium heat pepper.

Planting Instructions: Plant indoors in trays in early Spring. Needs even temperature of 18 degrees C to germinate. Prick out when second leaves appear to 2.5cm diagonal spacing. When leaves touch transplant again at 10cm diagonal spacing or into pots. Transplant after danger of frost, under cloches if necessary, at 30cm diagonal spacing.