Pea Havelock Sugar Snap


GENUS: Pisum SPECIES: sativum

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Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Havelock
Number of Seeds: 20

Description: These peas (Sugar Snap, 2m) came from Poland on the boat the “Freideborg’ in 1872 with Ernst and Paulina Schmidt. They have been grown ever since by this family. A great grandchild Mrs Jane Clapperton has passed their family peas to us saying that they grow as high as the fence, have two tone purple flowers and are the best Sugar Snap peas eaten whole raw or cooked! We think they are the same as our Bohemian Sugar Peas.

Planting Instructions: Sow in Spring and early Autumn in seed trays. Transplant into garden when 2 cm high at 5 cm spacing in rows. Needs 2m high trellising.