Pea Flour


 Pisum SPECIES: sativum


Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bioregion:  Southland
Number of Seeds: 20

Description:  A pea that has survived to today because of Henry Harrington. This pea has many special attributes. It is very ornamental with pink flowers. It has the most amazing tendrils. They are huge and very tenacious and the tall vines hang on exceptionally well to the netting. The peas themselves can be eaten fresh as shell out peas, or as Henry found they are great ground to flour and used as tempura batter. We have never seen a pea like this one in any overseas catalogue, it’s extremely rare. Grows to 2m.

Planting Instructions:  Sow early Spring and Autumn into seed trays to avoid slug, snail and bird problems. Transplant into garden when 2-5 cm high at 5 cm spacing in rows 40 cm apart. Needs 1.5m high trellis.